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Using Virtual Assist when you can't get a video connection
Using Virtual Assist when you can't get a video connection
If there's poor network conditions or a problem with the user's device, read on to see how you can still run an assessment with VA.
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Using the live video stream is by far the best way to run your sessions, but there will be times when you can't just connect!

If you can't get the video stream to connect, you can try out some of these methods to work around the video and still get some value out of VA and the time spent with your customer.

Hot tip: If you're not comfortable with coaching the customer on how to work around their phone, that's fine! We like to say "fail fast" - we want you and your customers to have the best experience possible with Virtual Assist, so if the troubleshooting is taking too long, wrap it up and organise and alternative assessment. That being said - the following steps are super simple! Give it a go if you can.

Problem 1: The camera permissions were allowed and the customer can see the video stream, but you can't see the video stream on your computer.

Try: Asking the customer to use the snapshot button to send a live image to you. This is the button at the bottom of their page labelled "Snapshot". See below the highlighted button in green!

Problem 2: The user is being notified that they need to allow the camera permissions, they think they have but the screen on their end is all black. You can't see anything on your screen.

Try: Asking the customer to go "back" to the home page and choosing "Share Media" > "Select Images" > "Camera". This will open up the customer's camera without streaming live video, so this is how we can get around the permissions issue.

Here's what that homepage looks like - as you can see, Share Media is right next to "Share Video".

Clicking on 'Share Media' will take you to this screen:

At this point, you can direct the user to either "Select Images" or "Select Video". Each option will allow the user to either open their camera and take photos/videos, or select the imagery from their phone gallery respectively.

Their uploads will appear in the session snapshots almost immediately. You can expect some minor delays of up to several seconds, depending on the file size

Please note, this option doesn't allow for audio recording if you are using the "Share Audio" option for audio recording and calling.

If you have any questions, let us know! Email us at or use our in-app chat - just click on the question mark.

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