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My video is stuck in post-processing!
My video is stuck in post-processing!

Need to get a video out, but the status is still set to "Post-processing"? Keep calm and contact support!

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You've just finished a Virtual Assessment, and you're ready to send off the video file, but there's one hitch - the video is still processing!

Why does post-processing happen?

Post-processing is a necessary component to Virtual Assist. While you're streaming live video, we're collecting multiple video segments into our database. When you hit "end session", Virtual Assist starts to "stitch" the audio and media into one single file for easy play-back and download.

Multiple video segments are handled in this way for many reasons, but primarily to accommodate for times when the customer stops streaming video unexpectedly. If they need to continue streaming after initially stopping, they can easily re-join the session and continue the stream due to our multiple segments process. It also helps keep the video files they're streaming short and easier to send over to you live.

Additionally, audio segments are handled separately due to the way we handle phone calls. We use an upstream VOIP provider for Virtual Assist, so the audio is handled on a separate track - "post-processing" allows us to combine the audio and video track into one file!

Okay, so why does it get stuck in post-processing?

Well, it can get stuck for various reasons, some are rarer than others. In most cases, the connection for the live stream isn't stable, so some of the video segments resulting can get corrupted, which then causes a time-out in the post-processing as our system tries to fix the file.

So what now?

If the above has affected your video, our support team can very quickly and easily restart the post-processing service for you to continue fixing the video files. Just send us a message asking us to do so and we can jump onto it as soon as possible. Typical post-processing after this varies, so make sure you let us know as soon as you see this occur.

In other cases where there might have been a more complex problem occur, we most likely can still retrieve the video! This will just require a deeper investigation from one of our support developers to manually look at the file and retrieve the video based off the file's state.

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