The SMS Isn't Sending!

If you're having trouble connecting with your customer via SMS, that's okay! There's a couple of things you can do to work around it.

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Most sessions are started by sending the SMS to your customer. But if the customer's telco provider is having an outage, or there's a problem with their number, that's okay, you can still connect!

Instead of sending an SMS, you can try: 

  • Using the "email" option. We'll send an email to their designated address with the link. Just remember to remind the customer to check spam/junk inboxes!

  • You can also read out the session link to the customer and they can enter it into their mobile web browser. The session link is in the centre of your page highlighted in green. 

Here's a quick script to read if you get stuck: 

Customer: The SMS still hasn't arrived!
Assessor: Okay, that's no problem! You can just pop the session link into the web broswer on your phone. Open up Google Chrome if you're on an Android, or just open Safari if you're on an iPhone.
Customer: Okay I've opened the web browser.
Assessor: Great! Please type this into the URL: (please read the "session link"). 

From there you can proceed as normal. 

If you think there's an issue, let us know! Just send through the session code to to get help and friendly advice. 

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