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Easing customer concerns about Virtual Assist
Easing customer concerns about Virtual Assist

Data privacy and ease of use can be top concerns for consumers. Here's how to assure your customers that VA is safe (and easy!) to use.

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In today's hyper-connected society, it's natural for customers to feel concerned about privacy, or unsure about new technology; with data leaks often publicised in the media, things might seem a little scary out there. You can help your customers understand that Virtual Assist is a safe application to use by addressing some of their concerns. Here's an example of a great response if your customer is feeling uneasy about VA.

User: "What's Virtual Assist? I've never heard of it before."

"Virtual Assist is video streaming tool that allows us to assess your claim faster than waiting for an assessor to visit you. We offer this tool because it helps speed up your claim so you can get help much faster than traditional site inspections! You don't have to download any apps, we just send you a one-time only link that allows you to stream live video back to an assessor. The link we send terminates once we end the session, so it's extremely safe for you to use! Plus, Virtual Assist complies with the Australian Privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

You can have a read of the Virtual Assist privacy policy on the official website,

Would you like to continue?"

Objection: "I'm not very good with technology!"

"That's okay, the assessment is very simple! Your assessor will be on the phone with you the whole time and will be guiding you through each step. We can always book a physical assessment if we find it doesn't work - all it takes is a couple of minutes to give it a go, and if we're successful, we can get your claim processed faster!

Sound fair enough?"

Objection: "What if there is some damage that isn’t visible?"

"Our assessors are highly experienced. Our assessments are always non-invasive, meaning we can only view damage that is visible. Be assured that if any additional damages are identified during your claim this can be advised to your insurer.

Given this are you happy to proceed?”

Objection: Is my information safe?

"Yes. Virtual Assist is maintained in line with the Data Protection laws in Australia, and is hosted on a private cloud that's encrypted and regularly security tested and updated. Your data is held purely for the purpose of conducting assessments to help you progress your claim and can be permanently deleted upon request. 

Virtual Assist's privacy policy can be found on the official Virtual Assist website here:"

Objection: How do I know that you're not accessing my photos?

"You have complete control over what you can share to us, and we are legally obliged to remove any material you send to us. We're happy to help you wherever we can! If you'd like to know more, I can give you a quick run-down of what we can see when you're connected to VA:

  1. When you tap on 'Share Video' and allow access to the camera, if your screen looks something like the below image, then yes, we can see through your camera, live.

2. When you tap the back button and you're looking at the VA homepage, we cannot see you, your phone or your information.

3. When you are uploading images from the 'Share Media' button, you can choose what images you want to send to us by selecting, then using the 'Add' button.

We don't receive these images until you choose to 'Add'."

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