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Alternative Audio Sharing

Did you try hitting the red microphone button? We'll explain that!

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"Share Audio" Method

This button was introduced as a back-up method for talking to your customer in poor network conditions. We've found that phone carriers are designed to prioritize phone calls over other functions, so if there's poor network connectivity, there's a chance that your VOIP call will work but the video won't. 

When used, this button will start streaming audio alongside the live video stream, so that the user can speak to the assessor without using the VOIP call. 

If you've tried hitting this button while running a phone call already, it won't work! That's because you've already engaged your microphone through the VOIP call feature. Read on to learn more on how to use this microphone. 

How to use Share Audio 

There are two buttons that need to be turned on. 

  1. Desktop side. Click on the red microphone to turn audio on so the mobile user can hear you. Please note, this button will not be made available until the mobile user joins the video session. 

2. Mobile side. A pop-up text helper pointing to the "Audio Muted" button will show to the user when the session first starts. Tapping this will start streaming audio from the mobile side.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to speak to the mobile user until they join the session, so if you'd like to use this method, we recommend communicating to the user first through a different channel. 

Both methods of audio sharing will record the audio against your video stream, so you'll always be able to look back and listen to your sessions. 

For the full web site, click here.

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