Conducting Dual Assessments

Read on to find out how two users can participate in a Virtual Assessment.

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With just a couple of clicks, your third-party associates can join in on virtual assessments where needed. All they need is a working microphone, and their own tenant within your Virtual Assist cloud. Talk to your manager if you're not sure about these requirements.

Step One: Setting up the Session

We have special 'tenants' set up in your version of Virtual Assist for external trades to assist you with preparing quotes and assisting with assessments. A tenant is a separate portal where your approved builders can use Virtual Assist's tools securely. 

To start a session with your builder, you'll need to switch to their tenant. You can do this easily by clicking on your name in the top right corner, then choosing the name of the tenant from the list. 

Once you're in the tenant, set up the session like you normally would. 

You'll need to pass on the code of the session to your builder - you will find this by clicking on "Links".

You can start the session in the tenant.

Step Two: Entering the Call (builders side)

Once your builder finds the session, all they have to do is look for the orange phone call button on the page. 

To join, simply click on the orange phone, then "Join". 

Once you're both in the call, you can continue the session as normal. 

Both you and the builder will be able to take snapshots, and generate reports for your individual assessments. 

Once your session has completed, it will copy back into the main portal for Virtual Assist that you regularly work out of. 

Watch the video to see the call in action!

For the full web site, click here.

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