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Q: Is Virtual Assist supported on all devices?  
Virtual Assist is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets with updated versions of Google Chrome.  Virtual Assist is compatible with iPhone/iPad devices with iOS 9 and above.  

Q: Does the customer have to download an app to carry out a Virtual Assist session? Not at all! All your customer needs is a smartphone; we'll handle the rest.

Q: Does Virtual Assist work on Wi-Fi?  
Yes, however it is best practice to turn off Wi-Fi, especially if you notice an inconsistency with the Video Quality. This can be a result of the device's data and the Wi-Fi Network competing for the Data signal.

Q: How does the customer operate Virtual Assist and communicate at the same time?  
This is overcome by the assistant instructing the customer to put their phone on loudspeaker prior to the customer joining the link. Alternatively, the customer is also able to use headphones/earbuds.

Q: Can the Virtual Assist link be sent ahead of time?  
Yes, however it is best practice to send the link in real time after contacting the customer to offer assistance in the process.

Q: Can the Assistant create the Virtual Assist session ahead of time?  
Yes, if the session status is “Started” or “Created”, and END SESSION has not been selected, the session can be created ahead of time.  

Q: What happens if the customer receives a call in the middle of the Virtual Assist session?  
Depending on carrier settings and phone, it will take the caller straight to message bank, or will allow the customer to take the call.

Q: Can you send a Virtual Assist link without a VOIP call in place?  
Yes, the customer can share video or share media, however no audio will form part of the Virtual Assist session if there is no VOIP call in place.  

Q: Can the assist exit the session back to the Virtual Assist portal while the video is post-processing?  
Yes, the Virtual Assist session will continue post-processing within the Virtual Assist portal within the queue of other 

Q: Will I be charged for usage if there is a failed connection with VA?
No. A session will not be counted as billable if these conditions are true: 

  1. There is no video duration.

  2. There is less than two snapshots.

Q: If there is a failed connection, can you delete these from VA?
Yes, all you need to do is select the bin icon next to the relevant session.

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