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Exclude photos from your reports
Exclude photos from your reports

Make sure only the right pictures make it into your Virtual Assessment report

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After conducting a Virtual Assist session, you'll likely need to generate a report of what happened. These reports generally include a number of photos from the Session; however, there might be Sessions where you gathered snapshots and photos, but some are not of great quality, though you'd still like to keep the file in the Session log.

Luckily you can use our handy Hide/Show toggle to keep them out of your Reports, whether you're downloading the Report to your computer, or if you're Publishing them elsewhere via an integration.

In the above photo, the yellow highlighted "Eye" buttons with a strike through are indicating these photos will not be included in Reports, while the green circled "Eye" button photos will be included.

This feature is also useful if you'd like to generate multiple Reports with different details and information. With just a few clicks, you can toggle photos for inclusion/exclusion and generate different Reports accordingly!

An example of this functionality could be that you need to generate Reports for individual rooms in a home. All you would need to do is:

  1. Click the Hide/Show button on photos you want to keep out of the Report, for this example we'll say we only want photos of a Bathroom.

  2. Add some context to this Report by jotting notes in the Notes section (i.e "Bathroom report", "photos to document damage and/or work to be done", etc)

  3. Once you're happy with the report, click the Generate Report button to download the file to your computer as-is.

  4. Next, you might need to generate a Report for the basement.

  5. Repeat steps 1-3, changing context for the Basement this time, and be sure to exclude photos from anywhere besides the basement.

  6. Repeat for each context and you're all set!

Note: Hiding these photos won't exclude them from ZIP files downloaded from the Session (i.e all photos are included in the ZIP files when you click Download Media.)

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