If you haven't already, please make sure that you've read through how to use Admin portal on our admin portal explainer article here.

Adding a New User

  1. Open Admin portal in the side menu by using the grid in the top left corner to open the menu.

  2. Click "Create New User"

  3. Add in their first name, last name and email address

    1. Note ➔ these three entry fields are REQUIRED to create a new user account!

  4. Now add their roles by choosing which modules you'd like the user to have access to.

  5. Click "Save".

  6. Click "Send onboarding email" to ensure that your new user gets steps to logging in

Helpful Tips:

  1. Make sure that you are selecting roles to add to the user. Roles contain the permissions required to see modules in Crunchwork, so if your users don't have a role assigned at all, they won't be able to access the site at all. If a user doesn't have their roles assigned, they will be logged back out to the login screen when attempting to access Crunchwork.

  2. Use the "Enabled" toggle button to disable users when they leave the company. It's better that you use this method rather than deleting a user profile, as this means all historical records that the user has worked on keep user data.

  3. The "Biography" field gets used for some workflows. For example, if you're an insurance repair builder, assessors assigned to jobs will have their biography added to any outgoing email that policyholders receive about repair updates to their claim.

If you get stuck, please send us a message at support@codafication.com to get help.

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