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How do I administer Tenants and Teams? (Create, edit and disable etc)
How do I administer Tenants and Teams? (Create, edit and disable etc)
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Adding Teams

You will require access to the 'Admin portal'

  1. Navigate to Admin portal and scroll down to the Teams table

  2. Click ‘Create Team’ and enter desired details. Add Users to the Team, and assign any Roles that you wish to apply to the Team’s members.

This Team will now be available for association with Accounts and Vendors, and for assigning to Pulse Projects.

How are Teams applied?

When you would like a Team to see information regarding a project, it is assumed that the Team will also need access to the projects relating assets, such as reports, invoices and quotes. To manage this access, click 'Teams' in the top right corner of your project, then select the available teams in the pop-up provided.

When you save, the Platform will then allow visibility to all users within this team to all assets to that chosen project, and any created for that project in the future. If you're not sure what the users will see, check the 'Assets' tab of the project first before assigning a new Team. Any new assets that you create for a job in the project will also inherit the Team assignment.


Adding Tenants

Just click on the "Create a New Tenant" button to get started. We will need some basic contact details so we can display your company contact details where applicable in the modules.

You will need to upload the URL for your company with the same method that you used for uploading assistant images.

Terms and Conditions can be left blank if you're happy with using the standard Virtual Assist T&C's.

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