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Virtual Assist 2.0 is here
Virtual Assist 2.0 is here

Our beloved hero product, Virtual Assist has had a makeover. Let’s take a look at what this shiny new package has to offer!

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Virtual Assist is used daily by leading insurance builders, manufacturers, facilities managers and their customers all across Australia, so it made sense to us recently to spend some time working on popular feedback items and ideas. Here's a breakdown of what's changed:

User Interface Changes

Style Refresh

This one is the most obvious! We’ve added some more colour and upgraded all icons to give a modern feel. The following action buttons have also been re-arranged to live together in one toolbar at the top of your page:

  • Upload media

  • Download media

  • Generate report

  • Save

  • Publish

Wait a minute, is there a new button here? Yes, there is - the "Publish" button. This button allows us to export your session data to your external CRM or database if your organisation has chosen to integrate with Virtual Assist. Once you choose to "Publish", we'll also close the session so you can't make any more edits to the session. Keep this in mind - once you publish, that's it!

Search past sessions by “Assistant”

By popular demand, we’ve introduced a new search field that allows the user to filter all sessions by the assessor, or as we call it, the “Assistant”. Managers and employees alike can now quickly find their own past sessions, or their colleagues!

Auto-saving notes

Another popular request by our users was to auto-save your notes! Before, you had to remember to hit the "Update" button to make sure you didn't lose your notes. Now, we’ve removed this button completely and have implemented an automatic save on the notes field once you stop typing. Never worry about losing your detailed session notes again!

Poor Network Indicator

Have you ever run a virtual assessment, but weren't sure if the customer was experiencing poor network conditions, or if they might have been pressing the wrong buttons? We now show the bit rate on the signal indicator while streaming, and will notify both you and the customer when we’ve picked up there’s a slowdown.

General Performance Upgrades

Under the hood we’ve beefed up the engine in order to smoothly process 1hr+ sessions and boost the speed of post-processing so you can get your session media faster. Let's take a look at some other upgrades that we've done to boost performance.

Ability to Skip Video Download

Before, if there were delays in processing your video, this would also mean you'd be delayed in waiting for the "Download Media" button to become available. To combat this, we've applied a "skip video" toggle on the back-end of every cloud, so your organisation can choose to include the video in the zip file download, or skip it. This feature is an "on/off" toggle in our database, so if you'd like this to apply to your account, please ask your manager to reach out to our team and request to turn this feature on or off.

Uploaded Images via "Share Media" retain their original size and resolution

Snapshots taken during your live stream are resized to help maintain the quality and speed of the video stream, and in most cases the quality from the snapshots is an acceptable benchmark for making assessments.

We understand however that there'll be times where you need that HD image, whether it be for reading building site plans or faded labels, or inspecting a hairline fracture in a wall.

For the above scenarios, you're covered! Just get the customer to take a photo with their camera, then use "Share Media" to upload the photo. We'll still resize the image when it comes to you live in Virtual Assist (again, this is just for maintaining the speed of your session!) but when you download the media, we'll give you the original sizing of the image as it was taken by your customer.

Uploaded Images via "Share Media" retain EXIF Metadata

Fraud detection is now easier with EXIF Metadata. Now when your customer uploads a photo from their phone gallery, we'll retain the original time, date, dimensions, and even the device they used to take the image.

One more thing before you go.....

Make sure you let us know what you think! You can also check out our new Customer Feedback board on Virtual Assist where you can put in new ideas or vote on feature requests for Virtual Assist by checking out our Nolt Board here.

For the full web site, click here.

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