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CBS Assessment Workflow

A detailed breakdown of the Assessment Job Type Workflow for CBS clients

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This workflow applies to the following job types, all commonly known and referred to as a 'Assessment' or 'Builders Assessment'

  • Assessment (Insurance Project Type)

  • IAG Assessment

  • Commercial Assessment

  • Private Assessment

The key elements of this Job Type are;

  • Contact a customer/client to organise an on-site inspection

  • Book an assessor

  • Create a builders assessment report (detailed report about the site and work required)

  • Create optional specialist reports

  • Create a quote for the work

  • Invoice for the assessment work

How do I know I'm in an Assessment Job?

Example of how to create an Assesment Job from the Create Menu

You know you're in an Assessment job based on the name in the top left-hand corner within a Pulse job and by the light blue colour scheme.

Workflow Diagram

Click the image below to expand out the workflow for a Assessment Job Type. This will open a new tab that will let you zoom to follow the steps.

Check out a breakdown of the specific tasks here

How to Interpret the Workflow

Below is a breakdown of what each card in the workflow diagram means.

Manual Action: This is something you need to do, for example manually complete a task, create a report or submit something to an external portal.

Manual Decision: You need to determine which path to take. For example, you need to decide if the EMS call to schedule call was a success by manually passing or failing a task. Based on the outcome, a different path will be taken within the workflow.

Manually Send Message: This requires you to manually send an email or SMS to someone

Automatic Action: The system automatically does something, for example create a task or change a status

Automatic Decision: The system determines the path to take based on predefined rules. For example, if you ticked 'Collect Excess?' the system understands during the workflow that the task 'create excess invoice' is required and so it takes you down the collect excess flow (example relevant to works jobs only).

Automatic Send Message: The system automatically sends a message (email or SMS) using a template.

Uninterrupted Timer: This means a certain amount of time needs to pass before the next step in the flow. For example a statement like 'wait three days, then create a task' would utilise this timer.

Interrupted Timer: Similar to above, but an event might cut the timer short. For example, a statement of 'If you don't receive a response within three days' would use this timer. If a response was received within the three days, the timer is interrupted and the flow can continue earlier than the defined time.

Communications Guide

The assessment job workflow will send the following communications automatically at the given points in the BPMN above.

Initial Contact

Sent to the primary contact of the job will receive an SMS and email.



Initial Assessment - Booking Confirmation

After completing the Book Assessor task, a calendar invite and confirmation will be sent to the primary contact, using the due date of the Book Assessor task.

Assessment Submission Update

Upon completion of the "Submit assessment to insurer" task, an email will be triggered to the primary contact.

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