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How can I add/check the Markup on a quote?
How can I add/check the Markup on a quote?
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In this article, you learned how to create a quote. Once you have a quote created, you can view the markup and add/adjust it if required.

Please note that if you toggle to 'Margin' within the Display Markup/Margin on Financials field in Accounts. Margin will be labelled and calculated on the final Quote, and Scope of Works PDF. You can read more about this here.

View the Markup on a Quote

Within a quote, the markup is shown in the 'Markup' column of each line item.

Additionally, the markup dollar total, of each Group can be viewed in the collapsible 'Markup' row. Users will notice the total Markup % and the Markup $ value of that group, in the same row.

Note that the gross profit will be the same dollar value as markup, although it will show a different percentage. This tells you what percentage of income is gross profit (Margin).

To view the markup dollar total for the entire quote, the value is displayed at the very bottom of the Quote page, within the collapsible Show/Hide Markup dropdown.

For more information on these calculations, you can hover your mouse to display the explanation for each total.

Add/Adjust the Markup on a Quote

The markup on a quote can only be added/adjusted whilst the quote is in the 'Draft' status. When line items are added from the Catalog, they may already have a markup assigned (depending on how the Catalog is being managed).

This markup can still be adjusted IF it has not been locked in the Catalog - if it is locked, it will display a padlock icon and cannot be edited.

To edit the markup, click into the value box in the 'Markup' column for the line item you wish to add/adjust it on.

You can also bulk add/adjust the margin per Group:

  1. Click 'Edit' on the Group you wish to add/adjust the markup on

  2. In the 'Markup Override %($)' field, add your required markup percent or dollar value

  3. If line items already have a markup value, and you wish to override these as well, tick the 'Override existing line item markups' box'

  4. Click 'Save', and your line items will display this new markup.

You can also toggle the margin to display as a percent or a dollar value.

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