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How do I add clients and loss adjuster to jobs and their invoices?
How do I add clients and loss adjuster to jobs and their invoices?
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Clients and loss adjusters (or loss assessors) are both treated as accounts in Crunchwork. Please follow these steps to ensure that the right information is stored against your jobs and invoices:

How to add a client or loss adjuster

1. You must ensure you have created the account within the Accounts app:

2. Fill in the clients respective details. Please ensure you use the 'Account Type' dropdown to indicate if the account is an insurer, client, or loss adjuster.

Loss adjusters should include which insurance company they are affiliated with (in the account name), like the example above.

The Display Markup/Margin on Financials field will display that accounts desired terminology and calculation against any final quote or invoice PDF's, so that you can appropriately display your markup/margin as the client requests it. Please note that the terminology won't change within Crunchwork, although the Markup and Margin label and calculation will only be displayed on the Final PDF's accordingly.

Users will notice 3 options: Markup, Margin and None.

When Markup is selected, the labeling on quote and invoice PDFs will use ‘Markup’. Markup calculations will be used for the Markup column, and markup total.

When Margin is selected, the labeling on quote and invoice PDFs will use ‘Margin’. Margin calculations will be used for the Margin column, and margin total.

Please note the Margin and Markup dollar value will be the same, but the percentage is different

When 'None' is selected, ‘Markup/Margin’ column will be hidden on quote and invoice PDFs. Please note the Markup value will be included in the subtotal amount

You can read more about how Crunchwork uses Markup and Margin, here.

3. Head to the Pulse app and select the cog/settings wheel in the top ribbon:

4. This will lead you to the Admin configuration page, you will need to click the edit button for the respective project type you will like to link this newly created account to:

5. For this example I have opted to add this client as an account to the project type - Insurance claim, enter the clients name into the Related account field, ensure they are tagged & then complete this by clicking save:

6. When creating a new project the newly created account will appear in the Account drop-down menu for selection:

Please note: This process will need to be replicated under all respective Project types that the account is required to be linked to.

At the bottom of the page, you can use the 'contacts' section to add an individual contact that might need to be notified of job events. Click 'Add contacts' and search for the contact, or add them from this page.

How can I address an invoice to the client or loss assessor?

Start on the relevant job requiring invoicing, and select Create > Invoice.

This will generate a new invoice, and copy across the contact information you've provided for the loss adjuster account into the 'To' section of the invoice.

Click on 'addresses' to find the 'To' section.

**Note, we will copy across contacts from your job into the 'For' section. If there is a 'primary' contact set, the system will use the primary contact first.

How can I check the invoice before sending?

Use the 'create' button in the top right corner to generate a Detailed invoice (this is the copy being sent to your client/loss assessor).

This will show you all contact information, including the insured if they were listed as a contact on the job and in the 'For' section of your invoice.

How can I send the invoice?

Once ready, use the 'Send Invoice' button in the top right corner of the invoices page. This will prompt you to choose the sending email, and additional templates. You can edit the email before sending.

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