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What is Asset Manager?
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Asset manager allows restorers to track and manage equipment such as dehumidifers, dryers and consumables. These are known as 'assets' within Crunchwork.

With asset manager, you can:

  • Create, track and manage equipment/assets

  • Assign equipment/assets to jobs

  • QR Code scan in and out assets/equipment in the field

  • Track time on site for physical assets and convert that to invoices

To find asset manager, open the app drawer and select the icon highlighted below:

Asset manager has two lists you can view by toggling between SKUS and Inventory.

Clicking on either will change the list available on your screen.

What's a SKU?

SKU is short for "Stock Keeping Unit", and is used to identify and track your assets. SKUs in Crunchwork are used to capture inventory of a certain type.

What's inventory?

Inventory is used to capture the number of assets you store under a SKU. These are the individual items that you may have in stock.

To learn more about booking assets against jobs, click here.

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