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What do I need to do for accounts payable (paying trade invoices)?
What do I need to do for accounts payable (paying trade invoices)?
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If you send purchase orders to trades using Crunchwork, you can streamline the process of receiving trade invoices back against your job.

General Process

When a trade responds to a purchase order, their email will be attached against the correspdonding job, including attachments like an invoice.

Once receiving an invoice from a trade, follow these steps:

  1. Find the related purchase order

  2. Add trade invoice number and invoice issue date to the purchase order

Scroll down to the line items and toggle on ‘show reconciliation’.

A new column will appear against each line item. Reconcile each item with the amounts given by the trade invoice.

Once ready to mark reconciled, update the purchase order status accordingly.

How do I perform progress payments?

You may receive multiple invoices against for just one purchase order from a trade. In this event, you may utilize the Split Purchase Orders feature. Read more here.

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