The 'Split PO' button in purchase orders gives users a supported digital system for paying trades partially over a period of time for one purchase order, so that we can mitigate human error and messy ordering of duplicate PO’s.

What's the process?

  1. There is a new button under the dropdown arrow selector titled “Split PO".

  2. Use the 'Show Reconciliation' toggle to add in the amount per line item that you would like to progress a payment for. Take note of the total budget and total reconciled figures. We only allow splitting if the budget remaining is greater than the reconciled figure.

  3. Upon splitting, a new tab opens in the browser with a duplicated copy of the original purchase order.

  4. The new tab is a new PO with the same line items.

  5. This new PO shares the same PO number, but has a suffix to indicate it’s split. aka “1051-A”.

  6. The user can split each child PO from the original (but must always split from the last child to help with version control).

  7. Ensure that each split revision is available to the user via the “Jump to” menu.

  8. DEV-3274: New Cost Breakdown by TypeREGRESSION TESTING

  9. After Splitting the above PO:

    1. The new CHILD PO (15379-A) in this instance needs to have it’s Cost Breakdown by Type no longer set as a summary of the line item values listed above but now the difference between the PARENT PO Cost Breakdown by Type less Reconciled amounts in the PARENT PO

      1. By way of an example see below: Cost Breakdown by Type in Parent MINUS Reconciliation Total by Type in Parent = Cost Breakdown by Type in CHILD

      2. Ignore Allocation section of PO

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