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How do I revise reports?

After publishing a report, you won't be able to add or edit the fields.

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In this article, you learnt how to publish a report and prevent any more edits. If there is a mistake or a request to revise your report, you can create a new revision.

Steps to Creating a Revision

  1. Open your published report and open the "Create" button.

  2. Select "New Revision".

  3. The page will update and unlock all fields for editing.

Revisions in the Assets Table

The act of creating a new revision is similar to superseding your previous reports. For this reason, we will only display the latest revision in your job assets table.

Selecting Revisions to View

To view other revisions:

  1. Open the report

  2. Open the button next to "Select Revision"; you may see how many other revisions there are of your report.

You may also switch your view of each revision here.

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