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What is draft and publish in a report?

The statuses found against reports help you better version control reports.

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Crunchwork allows you to draft reports and revise them before sending to your clients by using the "Draft" and "Published" statuses found in the top right corner of your page.

Draft Status

Each report will be placed in the 'Draft' status upon creation, and should remain in this status when you require peer reviews, or later revision before sharing to a client.

This status is visible in the assets table of the related job, so that other team members can quickly see where each report is up to.

Published Status

In the top right corner of your report, there is a "Publish" button.

The act of publishing will trigger the below actions:

  1. Lock all fields so that they cannot be edited.

  2. Update the report status to "Published".

  3. Download a PDF copy of the report and upload into the related job attachments.

  4. For Opus and ENData customers, this will also upload the PDF copy of the report into the "Documents" of Opus/ENData job.

You can continue to download PDF versions of the report at any time.

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