Vendor allocation is a feature that allows you to assign jobs to your supply chain within Crunchwork, so that you can have visibility over job progress. You will need to onboard your supply chain users into Crunchwork, and give them access to your dedicated supply chain tenant. Before getting started, we recommend running through the setup checklist.

Set up checklist:

  1. You have a dedicated tenant for supply chain team members. Click here to learn about tenants.

  2. The subcontractors you'd like to allocate jobs to are created as vendor profiles in the Vendor Manager app inside your company's tenant. Click here to learn how.

  3. You have created Teams for your vendors. Click here to learn how.

  4. You have onboarded the supply chain team members, and added them to the Team you created for them.

How to allocate an external job to a Vendor:

  1. From a Pulse Project, click ‘Create’ → ‘External Job’.

    Jobs screen on a project with create external job button

  2. On the ‘Create New External Job’ screen, select the ‘Job Type’ that you wish to allocate.

  3. Click ‘Select Vendor’, and select the Vendor from the list to which you wish to assign the job.

    1. Note that the Vendors listed in the ‘Select Vendor’ modal are automatically filtered to those that:

      1. Service the same Zone as the Zone on the current Pulse Project

      2. Can perform the Job Type specified in the previous step

      3. Have a rating of 4 or greater

      4. Are Compliant ('compliance' = true)

  4. Specify any custom information in the Custom UI section at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Click ‘Create Job’.

On allocating an external job to a Vendor, an email is automatically sent to the vendor to advise them of this and provide a link to the job in Crunchwork. The vendor has the option to accept or decline the job, and their decision will also be emailed back to you.

We recommend that you speak to Codafication about personalising the vendor allocation experience, as we can assist you with communication and sharing of documents during the vendor allocation.


  1. Can my vendors pass the job allocation to another Team?

    1. No, the vendor is responsible for managing the job in Crunchwork.

  2. Can other vendors in the supply chain see the job allocation?

    1. No, the only users who can see the job allocation belong to the Teams assigned to the project.

  3. How do I view the allocated jobs?

    1. Find the project you need to view, then choose the 'Jobs' tab. There will be a dedicated list of internal jobs and external jobs. Click on the external job you wish to view. This will take you to the job in the supply chain tenant.

  4. How do I send notes/communicate to the vendor?

    1. You can open the external job and create a task on the job, and assign one of the external users. Use the task description to describe what you need done.

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