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Upload supply chain members with Vendor Manager
Upload supply chain members with Vendor Manager

Vendor manager provides a place for you to manage contact information and compliance documents for companies you work with.

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Our Vendor Manager tool gives your company the ability to store contacts, record service areas and keep up to date with vendor compliance in the one app. In Unity, we define vendors as businesses that you connect with as part of the supply chain in order to progress projects.

Vendor Manager Home Page

Logging in for the first time, you will see a snapshot of your current list of vendors. Your most recently added vendors will be placed on top, but you can use the toolbar on the left hand side of the page to search by category, name, status or compliance. 

Creating A Vendor 

Use the button on the left hand side of your page to get started.

Vendor Details

You must fill all required fields in the "Vendor Details" section before going on to create contacts, upload attachments or add locations. You must also ensure you've uploaded a company logo for your vendor.

When you've filled all required fields and uploaded the vendor logo, use the "Create" button in the top right hand corner of the page to create and save your work. 

Adding Categories

You can add trade categories to assist you with more in-depth reporting and custom business workflows.

The categories available can also be accessed in Catalog when creating line items. You may also use the plus button to add a new category if you need to add a new one.


You can now add a Rating to each Vendor (out of 5 stars) to assist you with highlighting which are the most reliable or have the best reputation.

Users can also search for Vendors, and filter by star rating:

The below is how 'Rating' will be displayed when search for Vendor's:

When issuing purchase orders from the Job Schedule page, Vendors will be filtered by category as well as top rating.

Adding a Team to your Vendors

Teams should be created via Admin Portal first, so if you haven't done this yet, please head over to our Teams article here. You should be creating a Team that has only users onboarded for this vendor.

Creating Contacts and Locations

Creating contacts and locations will be made available once you've completed the initial set up of your vendor. 

Once you create a new contact, it will appear in the list available. If you don't see the contact created, try refreshing your page. 

You can also assign each contact to a location if there are multiple branches or locations serviced by your vendor. 

Make sure that you enter in an address with a post code when adding a location, as this will help identifying the best vendors per project. 

CSV Import and Export

You may also upload your list of vendors from a csv by following these steps:

  1. Open vendor manager

  2. Select 'CSV Import' in the top right corner. Select the teams that you would like to view the vendors you'd like to import.

  3. If you haven't already, download the correct csv import template for upload by selecting 'Download Template' in the window that appears. This will download the correctly formatted csv file onto your harddrive.

  4. Fill the csv template appropriately.

    1. You may use the 'Template Details' information found at step 3.

  5. Upload the csv by following the same steps.

For the full web site, click here.

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