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How to gather browser Console logs
How to gather browser Console logs

If you're having trouble completing a task on one of our websites, Console logs can help us insight into the problem.

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Sometimes when troubleshooting complex issues, it's necessary for our Support team to obtain information about the browser and how it's interacting with the various tools involved. This browser information can be crucially important to investigate because our entire platform is entirely Cloud-based and accessible via an internet browser, so all visible interactions are happening within a given browser all day, every day.

A customer service team member may request that you send through a Console log file after replicating the issue, and then provide that to them for further analysis. Here's how to do so:


  1. Open your Chrome browser and go to the page where the issue is occurring.

  2. On your keyboard, press the F12 key on your keyboard. If this doesn't work, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+I all at the same time, once.

  3. In the new panel that opens (usually on the Right side) select the Console tab (if not already selected.)

  4. Click on the Gear/Cog icon in the top left corner, and make sure the option 'Preserve log' is ticked.

  5. Reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before; you'll see data being collected in the console window.

  6. Once you have reproduced the issue, right-click on any line of text in the console window, and click Save As… to save the log file to your computer.

  7. After you save the file, you can attach it to a ticket OR forward it to us by email so we can investigate the issue!

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