Internet Browsers and you

Running through Browser best practices and "etiquette" when it comes using our Platforms

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Don't use Internet Explorer

While you might still see Internet Explorer on your computer, this browser is actually technically obsolete, meaning Microsoft does not support it anymore and it is no longer updated, doing so in favour of their newer internet browser, Microsoft Edge.

At this stage with Internet Explorer, you might run into an error when visiting many different websites, something along the lines of "Your browser is not supported by our website." In fact, if you visit our Platform via Internet Explorer, you will get hit with this message:

Instead of Internet Explorer, we recommend using some of the below options, if available to you;

Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome (also known simply as "Chrome") is the most popular browser in the world (by quite a larger margin).

  • Chrome is a powerful and highly compatible browser and thus recommended for our platform.

  • If there are issues with Chrome when using our Platform, its also fairly easy for you to locate and gather information about errors, bugs, etc.

  • See below:

Alternatives to Google Chrome

Note: It's best to speak with your IT department to ensure you are set up correctly with browsers, especially regarding below alternatives to Google Chrome.

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