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How to record your screen on Mobile devices
How to record your screen on Mobile devices

Capture the issue(s) you're experiencing and help provide the Support team with context and understanding of the problem.

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From the home screen, open your Settings app, and from the main Settings page, scroll down to "Control Centre".

In Control Centre, start by ensuring at the top of the screen, the option for "Access Within Apps" is turned on (Green switch.) After this is done, scroll down into the MORE CONTROLS section listed with Green plus symbols, to the option titled "Screen Recording."

Press the Green "+" next to it to add it to your Control Centre. Once you press it, the option should shift all the way up the list into the used options, and should now have a Red minus symbol next to it (see below.)

Now that we've confirmed Control Centre has the Screen Recording option enabled, we can easily record our screen whilst replicating a given issue.

From any screen, open your Control Centre (click here for more info) and you should see the Screen Recording button near the bottom of the display (see circled below.)

When you're ready to record, press the Record button, which should turn it RED to indicate it is Live Recording.

Close the Control Centre, then proceed to replicate your issue. When you're finished recording, simply bring the Control Centre back up and press the RED button again to end the recording. This video file will save to your iPhone's Photos app.


Swipe down twice on your screen until you can see all your "quick settings" (click here for more info). You'll see a lot of different items to select; we're looking for the Screen recorder icon (you might have to edit the default icons that appear).

Tap on the Screen Recorder icon to begin; you give permission to the device to record the screen which is normal if it hasn't been done previously. You will then be asked to choose how you want sound, if any, recorded along with the video:

  • No sound won't record any audio at all.

  • Media sounds will just record audio that originates from media within the device (i.e music, videos, notifications, etc)

  • Media sounds and Mic will record all audio possibilities; this is useful for the person recording to provide narration along with the video recording.

Once choose your audio option and press "Start recording", a countdown will begin before a small toolbar overlay appears on the screen and the recording starts.

The toolbar include the ability to minimize the bar, draw on the screen, turn on your front-facing camera, pause the recording, or stop it completely. The toolbar and selfie window can be moved around the screen as desired.

When a recording is stopped, the video is saved to your phone's media storage. For additional related settings, long-press on the Screen Recorder quick settings icon.

For the full web site, click here.

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