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How to record your computer screen
How to record your computer screen

Capture the issue(s) you're experiencing and help provide the Support team context and understanding of the problem.

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When it comes to troubleshooting and issue resolution, arguably the most important factor is context. As a Support team, we want to get to the bottom of a given issue as quickly as possible, and short of being physically next to someone to view the problem, a Screen Recording can make a world of difference for many different reasons.

Screen recording used to be fairly difficult across different platforms, but thankfully it is much easier to do this with the latest computers and technology. Below are some of the most commonly used devices and how to record the screen:


Regardless of which screen you are on, press the follow keys once at the same time: WINDOWS+ALT+R.

This should enable a recording overlay (pop-up box showing a Recording status) and just like that, recording as begun! See below:

In this box, you can enable your Microphone if you wish to narrate the recording (to add context/ explain concepts in real-time, for example) by clicking the microphone icon on the right side.

Once you confirm the recording has begun, reproduce the issue you’re experiencing. When you’re finished, you can press the Green circle icon to stop recording.

The video will save to your Videos > Captures folder on your computer. From there, simply send the file to us however you intend to get in touch for Support.


Regardless of which screen you are on, press the follow keys once at the same time: Shift-Command-5. The screen should then show several options for Recording in the bottom-middle area of the screen. See below:

Along the toolbar, in the middle section, click on “Record Entire Screen.”

When you’re ready to record the screen, click on the “Record” button on the right side. A small circle with a tiny square will appear in the Menu Bar in the top right of the screen. See below:

Once you are finished recording, you can click here and end the session. The video will then save to your Mac’s “Desktop” folder (visible on the right side in the above picture.)

For the full web site, click here.

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