Report Writer is a fantastic tool that allows users in the field to generate reports and outcomes based on predefined templates, removing the hassle of writing a new report for every new incident. Report Writer is formatted so that it can be easily viewed and filled from any smart device, and is highly configurable to suit your reporting needs. Here's a quick rundown on the basics.

Report Writer Homepage

When signing in to Unity, you will see this page as your home for Report Writer.

 If your business uses other modules within Unity, you may need to switch modules. You can do so simply by selecting the dotted square icon in the top left hand corner of the page, then selecting Report Writer, like so: 

Creating A Report

Creating a report is as easy as clicking on "Create Report" on the left hand side of your screen.

We'll then prompt you to fill out some details on a form that is completely configured by you: 

Now that the report has been created, you can view the relevant details and utilise the dynamic form to quickly link information and fill key information. Let's take a look at some of the key features that makes Report Writer stand out above the rest.

Linking To A Quote

You can link the report to an existing Quote if you have the Quotes module in your cloud. Just start typing the Quote in question, and we can find and pre-fill the quote for you. Click on "Link" when done. 

This will also allow you to quickly view the related quote once added. Click on the "View" button to view and edit the quote.

Adding Snippets

You can finish the report with adding custom yet crucial information, such as disclaimers or checklists. Reach out to the team at support@codafication if you'd like to learn more about adding your custom fields.

Need to Send Your Report to Opus?

To submit your report to Opus, you'll need to finalize your report by clicking "Submit". This will do a couple of things for you:

a) Run a quick check on required fields. If there are missing fields, we'll let you know.
b) Close the report for editing. Please make sure that you are happy with every detail on the report first, as you will not be able to edit it moving forward once you hit "submit."

Once you've finalized your report, download the PDF report and attach the PDF as an attachment to the assessment for the job in Pulse. Check the box for "Publish Externally" to send the report to Opus.

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