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How do I create a report?

Builders assessment reports, make safe reports, specialty reports and more.

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Reports in Crunchwork can be accessed via the Report Writer app in the menu. The below builder solution templates are provided out of the box with your company logo:

  1. Builders assessment report

  2. Completion certificate

  3. Customer scope of work

  4. Electrical report

  5. Make Safe Report

  6. Material Variation

  7. Plubling Leak Detection Report

  8. Product Confirmation

  9. Quality & Audit Report

  10. Risk Assessment

  11. Roof Report

How to create a new report

When you need to create a new report for a job, you can do so by using the 'Create' button in the top right corner of your job page, then choosing the report you'd like to create.

After creating the report, you will be able to find it listed in the 'Assets' table of it's related job. You can open the report from the assets table by clicking on the eye icon in the 'Action' column.

Automatically Generated Reports

The "Builders Assessment" report will be automatically created in Assessment jobs upon completion of the "Assessment Call to Schedule" task. You can access this report from the 'Assets' table, even from your mobile device onsite.

The assets table on mobile view in Pulse.

Adding images to your report from site

You can add images to your report by using the 'Attachments' section.

Adding attachments here will automatically make these images available to use on your report if you choose. If you'd like to not include an image in the final report, select "No" on the "Included in Report?" checkboxes.

When filling the report on a mobile device, you may also use your device camera to photograph and attach new images direct from site.

Mark up the images

On the desktop version, you may also add annotations to any images uploaded against your report. Check out our article here for more info.

Adding Snippets

A snippet is a block of pre-determined text that you can add quickly to your reports. You can find snippets by clicking on the ellipsis in the top right corner of each paragraph box in your reports.

Need to Send Your Report to Opus?

To submit your report to Opus, you'll need to finalize your report by clicking "Submit". This will do a couple of things for you:
a) Run a quick check on required fields. If there are missing fields, we'll let you know.
b) Close the report for editing. Please make sure that you are happy with every detail on the report first, as you will not be able to edit it moving forward once you hit "submit."

Once you've finalized your report, download the PDF report and attach the PDF as an attachment to the assessment for the job in Pulse. Check the box for "Publish Externally" to send the report to Opus.

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