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What's the difference between 'revision' and 'duplicate' in quotes?
What's the difference between 'revision' and 'duplicate' in quotes?
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In this article, you learnt how to revise a quote using the 'Create' menu on a published quote.

You might have noticed there is also a 'Duplicate' option available on the same menu.

What's the difference?

Creating a new revision supersedes the prior quote, and utilizes the same quote ID when re-opening the quote for revisions.

This is handy for cases like variations, and ensures that a declined or superseded version of the same quote is sorted to the bottom of your job assets tables.

Duplicates on the other hand will create a copy of your quote, but provide a new quote ID. This allows your team to reproduce similar quotes quickly, but correlate to another job or in addition to previous quotes.

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