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Email replies in Crunchwork

Understand how emails from Crunchwork are handled against your job

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Email replies in Crunchwork allow you to track and record all emails sent from Crunchwork, and responded to from your supply chain. Any email that is sent from Crunchwork can now be replied to and attached against it’s related job with this feature.

How is it Set Up?

  • Contact Codafication support on or via our online portal here to request assistance setting up.

  • We'll create a generic, centralised email address using your company name and the Codafication domain, for the purpose of this feature only.

How Does It Work?

  • Send an email from Pulse or Purchase Orders.

  • The email will be delivered to the 'To' address you provide in each app.

  • When the recipient replies, the email is directed to the generic, centralised client mailbox with a Codafication domain name.

  • Our email ingress extension processes emails on a 1 minute timer, so replies may not immediately be available upon receipt. Please wait for up to 2 minutes.

  • A task titled "Check Email" will be generated and assigned to the user who created the initial email (due immediately).

    • When the created by user is not available (system user or inactive/deleted user) then default assign the jobs admin coordinator.

  • The communications tab on your projects and jobs will now have a new section labelled “Email Correspondence" where the email history will be available.


    1. What happens to emails sent from apps other than Pulse?

      • Currently, the MVP scope is to capture the emails sent out from Pulse and Purchase Orders.

      • In future, we could have a central location where you can see the client responses to all the emails sent out from crunchwork.

    2. Will the email attachments be available in the Pulse Gallery?

      • Attachments on emails incoming and outgoing from Crunchwork and made them available on the Email Modal when opened.

    3. Will there be timeline events created for the incoming emails?

      1. Yes, you will see timeline events created for all incoming emails that were initiated from Pulse as System generated records ‘Email received’.

      2. All other responses for emails sent out from Crunchwork other than Pulse will only be available in the Email correspondence section.

      3. Eg: Purchase Orders emails sent out from the Purchase Order extension are never tracked on Timelines, and the same behaviour will apply to the incoming emails.

    4. What do the emails look like to my customers or clients?

      1. An example of the common client mailbox is

      2. For example, a builder with the name “Builders ABC” will look like

AI Sentiment Analysis

Crunchwork now leverages Amazon Comprehend in emails synced with Email Ingress to understand customer and client sentiment from text in emails. This will give you more tools to build processes to support better customer relations and complaint management. Reach out to us to talk about enabling this on your site!

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