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CBS Tender Workflow Tasks

A breakdown of the the tasks within a Tender Job for CBS clients

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Task Name

Assigned Role



Tender Call To Schedule

Admin Coordinator

1 hour after job creation

Call the primary contact to schedule a time for an assessor to visit the site.

Refer Tender Back To Insurer

Admin Coordinator

1 day after the 4th failed 'Tender Call To Schedule' task

Contact the insurer to let them know you can't get hold of the primary contact and can't get on-site.

Tender Attendance

Admin Coordinator

1 day after 'Tender Call To Schedule' task marked complete

Contact the assessor and book in a time for the tender.

Submit Tender

Admin Coordinator

1 day + 1 hour after task 'Tender Attendance' marked complete

Once the tender is complete, submit it to the insurer

Finalise Tender Outcome


14 days after task 'Submit Tender' marked complete

If an outcome has not been advised by the Insurer, follow up to enable finalisation of Tender job

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