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How do I view Analytics?

Learn how to view and interact with the Analytics app

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The analytics app can be found in the menu

Within the app, you have a range of different Analytics dashboards to chose from. Each dashboard

Each dashboard contains a graph we call a dashlet. The title of the dashlet explains what the graphic relates to.

You can filter the data within the dashboard based on a time range by clicking on the date box in the top right hand side. This will open a range of pre-set times you can select from.

You can also set the refresh time which force refreshes the data, allowing you to keep the dashboard up on a screen or monitor for real-time monitoring.

If you'd like to see the data that makes up the graphic, you can click on the dashlet name which will open up a menu. Go to More > Export CSV and you can download a CSV table with the data that makes up the graphic.

At the bottom of each dashboard is a detailed data table perfect for downloading into CSV format and creating your own adhoc reports.

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