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How do I create a PO for a make safe?
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As part of the Make Safe workflow, you will receive a task for "Book EMS Attendance" assigned to the Admin Coordinator. Upon receipt, you should create a purchase order.

The above workflow is a guide on how some builders may choose to attend a make safe and provision make safes. Let's go through your options available on purchase orders to ensure the right process for you.

Creating a Purchase Order for a make safe job

You can create a purchase order from the make safe job by following these steps:

  1. Start on your job and open the 'Create' menu

  2. Choose 'Purchase Order', this will open a new purchase order in a new tab

If your Make Safe triage questions are answered, they will be stored against your purchase order template.

To assign a vendor to your purchase order, click on "Addresses" to expand the page and find a vendor to assign to the PO.

You can use the "Duplicate For Data" button to pull across the details in the "To" section into the "For" if needed.

Adding Line Items

Use the "Add Group" button to get started adding line items to the purchase order. You can use pre-defined Catalog bundles and line items to fill the PO if you require.

When creating a PO for a Make Safe, it's expected that you may not know the full extent of damage.

In this scenario, it's best to send just a line item, but using the "Make Safe" template when sending your purchase order, so that the subcontractor is aware of the triage results captured on the Make Safe job.


Further down the page you can view the budget panel which includes cost breakdown by type (Labour, Material, Travel), and manage the allocation of budget to each type.

Use the allocation fields on the right side of the page to change the costs per type.

For the full web site, click here.

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