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How do I create a task?

Create manual tasks for yourself and others as reminders for things to do

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Create a new Task

Task creation is a great way of assigning a piece of work or a specific task to someone else, and having all details around that task recorded in the job timeline.

To create a new task, open the create menu in the project or job you'd like the task related to and look down towards the bottom of the menu and you'll find the option 'Task'.

Adding detail to a manually created task

Once you've clicked the Create Task option from the menu, a popup with a new task will appear.

This is where you can add details to your task such as;

  • Which project and job the task relates to - useful if you accidentally create a task in the wrong project or account and need to change it

  • Due dates and time - Used to let the assignee know when they need to complete the task by

  • Priority level - Useful in highlighting the urgency of the task

  • Task type - Tasks have types and you can select from the dropdown here

  • Task name - Useful in summarising what the task is about

  • Internal assignee - who needs to action this task?

  • Contact - Used when the task is related to the need to contact someone

    • Based on the contact selected in this field, their email address and phone number will display

  • Description - a more detailed area that you can add additional instructions or details to

Once you're done adding the details, simply hit the 'Save' button on the top right-hand corner and your task is created and sent off to the user you assigned it to.

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