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How do I view and manage my tasks?

This section explains the basics of viewing, editing, completing or failing tasks within Crunchwork.

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My Dashboard

Within your main dashboard is a dashlet called 'My Tasks'. This area shows any and all tasks specifically assigned to you across all projects and jobs. This is your 'To-Do' list.

The 'My Tasks' dashlet sits at the top of your main dashboard and is the default view when you first open the dashboard area.

View more details about a task

Some tasks have additional details in them which you can see by hovering over the task name.

Edit An Existing Task

You may want to reassign the task to someone else, change the due date and priority or add additional notes to the task. To do this, simply click the 'Edit' button on the right hand side which will open the edit popup for that task.

You can make a number of different changes to the task from the edit screen, just remember to hit save in the top right hand corner when you're done.

Complete or Fail a Task

To complete or fail a task, click the downwards arrow icon next to the edit button and select the desired option.

Based on your selection, you'll see a pop-up asking to add a note or reason for completing or failing the task. Anything added in the note section on this task is recorded against the task notes section in the project and job timeline. It's very useful for adding context to why you're making this change - for example 'Spoke to customer and agreed to X date and time' or 'Attempted to call, no responce. Left voice mail'.


Above, you can see the reason for closure message in the description area of the task completion event in the job timeline.

IMPORTANT NOTE - A number of workflows use the completion of a task as a trigger to transition you onto the next step. A common cause of workflows failing is a task that requires a user complete being deleted or failed. Try to avoid deleting or failing tasks where possible to avoid this issue.

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