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How do I communicate with my stakeholders?
How do I communicate with my stakeholders?
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Crunchwork enables its users to communicate via email, SMS and Voice call with all required stakeholders across the project, internally and external.

Communications Tab:

The communications tab can be found within a Job across the top ribbon, this section records all incoming and outgoing communication on that job.

SMS from platform:

Under a Project and/or Job an SMS can be sent to team members who have been assigned a role. Under the Assigned Team Members column next to each assignee, the message icon can be selected to compose and send a text message:

An SMS can also be sent to external stakeholders of the project by selecting the person within the contacts body, clicking the phone icon and selecting Send SMS:

Please note: All SMS are non respond-able

Email from platform:

Users can compose and send an email by selecting Email via the drop-down menu of the create tab:

Recipients can reply to emails sent from Crunchwork, sent emails and subsequent replies are displayed in the communications tab/section.

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