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How do I create Projects and Jobs?

Learn how to use Pulse to add new job allocations into Crunchwork.

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What is Pulse?

Pulse is the project management tool that allows your business to create, find and edit your claims in Crunchwork, along with all their related documents, communications and assigned team members.

You can find Pulse by clicking on the grid in the top left corner, then selecting the heartbeat icon from the app drawer.

What are projects?

A project in Crunchwork is a claim. Pulse Projects can be created automatically (via Integrations) or added manually.

Creating a Project Manually

For Creating Claims without an API connection follow the steps below.

If you manually create a Project, you will automatically be assigned the ‘Administration Coordinator’ role.

Open Pulse

  1. Open Pulse and click on the ADD NEW PROJECT button.

  2. Select your Project/Claim type in the drop-down menu.

IAG Insurance Claim projects are for the IAG automation only - this is never to be manually selected

Create the Project

  1. Fill in the Account, Project Address & Project Information fields with relevant details and select CREATE PROJECT.

You will be taken to the new Project page, and all details entered on the previous screen will have populated across.

Add Contacts for the Claim

  1. Click on ADD CONTACTS button in the Contacts panel

  2. You can add an existing contact OR create a new contact
    To Search the existing contacts enter the name in the Search Field

  3. To create a new contact click the plus icon

  4. Populate required fields

  5. Click the SAVE icon

Recommended: Assign Team Members

Team Members can be assigned via the Assigned Team Members panel to the right-hand side of the project. The user who created the Project has automatically been assigned the ‘Administration Coordinator’ role. The assignments will be applied once the Project is saved.

Save the Project

  1. After you have populated all of the required fields within the Project click on Save.

Once you have the Project / Claim created, you can start creating/adding jobs to it.

What's a job?

A job in your project is equivalent to a stage in the claim lifecycle, such as a Make Safe, Assessment, or Repair.

Create/Add a Job to Existing Project

Search for existing Project

Skip this step if the Project you wish to add a Job to is already open on your screen.

  1. Open Pulse List View (ensure that you are on the PROJECT tab/page)

  2. To check if Claim already exists, enter the Claim number/address in the search field

  3. If a Claim exists, it will appear in the Search Results
    If the Project / Claim does not exist you will need to add/create a new Project / Claim first.

  4. Go to Claim / Project in the Search Results list and click on the EDIT button.
    This action will open the Claim / Project in Edit mode.

Add/Create Job via the Create Menu

  1. Once the Project is open, go to the top right-hand corner and click on CREATE button.
    This action will open a panel / drop-down list.

  2. Select the Job Type you wish to create.
    You will need to select the job type that matches the Insurer’s request.

Enter Job Details

  1. Populate all Required FIelds related to the job in the Overview Tab.

Save the Job

  1. Click ‘SAVE’ to save the job. Job Details will remain editable until the Job is completed.
    You have successfully created a new job.

View and Edit Jobs

Newly created Jobs will appear alongside other Jobs in the Projects' Jobs Tab / Panel. Job Details can be viewed and edited by clicking on the ‘EDIT’ button.

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