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How do I store damaged inventory in a report?
How do I store damaged inventory in a report?
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Using the restoration report, you may record moisture readings for each site visit. Crunchwork will automatically create the "Authority to Proceed" and "Restoration Report" against each Make Safe/Initial Attendance jobs once they are created.

Accessing the Report From Site

From site, you can use the following steps to find your job, then access the restoration report for your first site visit.

  1. Open Pulse on your mobile.

  2. Use job search and select "Search Jobs Nearby"

  3. Open your job and select the "Assets" table

  4. Open the report

Damaged Floor Coverings

You may list as many floor coverings as required in the restoration report by answering "Yes" to floor coverings affected.

Listing damaged contents

The "Content Items" section allows you to list damaged inventory other than floor coverings.

  1. Select "Yes" and a free text section will appear

Multiple Site Visits

The act of publishing a report will prevent any further edits, so it's recommended to keep your report in a "Draft" state if you would like to keep adding over time.

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