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How to create a Catalog bundle?

Add a pre-configured list of line items quickly to quotes using the bundles feature

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Creating a Bundle

Click on "Bundle" from the left-hand side of Catalog.

Click on "Create Bundle" from the left-hand side of your page.

Enter the Name, Description, Category and Sub-Category you require for the bundle.

In the example below, we've created a bundle for repairing a bathroom vanity.

Bundle Category:
You can use this field to give your bundle an overall umbrella, such as "Bathroom". This will then link the bundle along with any other bundles that are categorised under bathroom.

Bundle Sub-Category:
The sub-category is intended to give the bundle an extra layer of specific detail. Taking the previous example of "Bathroom", we could build on the specificity and sub-categorise the bundle with "Vanity repair" to help narrow down your options when searching for vanity repair related bundles.

Next, click 'Add Items' to select the line items you require to be included in the bundle.

You can scroll through line items or search for specific items.

To select a line item, click on it - you can select multiple line items before adding to the combo.

Click 'Add Items' to add your selected lines into the bundle.

Remember, you can add or remove items to a bundle after applying it to your quote.

You can adjust the default quantity of each line item if required.

Creating Your Bundle and Publishing
Once you've completed your bundle, use the "Create" button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

You will need to assign it to your team.

This saves your bundle as a 'Draft'.

When you're ready for the bundle to be used, you can change the status to "Published" to make the bundle available for users to quote.

When making changes, don't forget to hit "Save".

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