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Crunchwork Apps and Navigation

A list of the apps in Crunchwork and how you can navigate between them

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What are the Crunchwork Applications?

Crunchwork is a collection of apps - each with a specific use, that provides specialised tools to give a user a streamlined and elevated experience when using Crunchwork. Apps are permission-based, depending on a user’s role. A user will be given access to the apps that will provide the tools required to complete their role.

Crunchwork app



Pulse is the project management tool for logging jobs and tracking their activities and documents. It connects to all other apps in order to provide businesses with better visibility.


Quotes is a powerful tool that allows organisations to control and distribute how their users, or tenants in the system, interact with pricing. To maximise the benefits of Quotes, use it in conjunction with Catalog, Zones, and Accounts.

The quote app is primarily accessed through the ‘Asset’ table within Pulse jobs, or the ‘Create’ menu.

Report Writer

Report Writer is a fantastic tool that allows users in the field to generate reports and outcomes based on predefined templates, removing the hassle of writing a new report for every new incident. Report Writer is formatted so that it can be easily viewed and filled from any smart device, and is highly configurable to suit your reporting needs.

The report writer app is primarily accessed through the ‘Asset’ table within Pulse jobs, or the ‘Create’ menu.


The Invoices app allows you to generate invoices from existing quotes/variations, as well as generate PDF copies and send the invoices to your vendors.

The invoice app is primarily accessed through the ‘Asset’ table within Pulse jobs, or the ‘Create’ menu.


Admin is the app where new users are created (and disabled), and specific roles/permissions are assigned to them.

Typically, Admin app access is restricted to management.


The Dashboards in Crunchwork show the logged-in user’s tasks that are open and overdue, as well as any Calendar appointments.

Specific role Dashboards can also provide reporting insight


Our Contacts app is the best way to keep track of the people that your business connects with.

When a contact is added to a Pulse job, it will link back to the Contacts app.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders app lets users create, manage and send purchase orders within Crunchwork. We've also connected the Quotes app to Purchase Orders, so you can easily convert your quotes straight into Purchase Orders with just one click!

The Purchase Order app is primarily accessed through the ‘Asset’ table within Pulse jobs, or the ‘Create’ menu.


Catalog is provides a central location for storing and managing your line items and pricing, then distributing these for use in the Quotes app.

Typically, Catalog app access is restricted to management.


Crunchworks' in-app calendar and appointment creation/management system Calendar allows users to organize their site visits against their jobs. When enabled, this becomes a new app in the menu and interacts with Pulse jobs and Dashboards.

Vendor Manager

Our Vendor Manager app gives your company the ability to store trade contacts, record service areas, and keep up to date with vendor compliance in one app.

Typically, Vendor Manager app access is restricted to management.


The Accounts app in Crunchwork enables your business to store key information on clients or partners that you service. Each account has the capability to store key contacts, a relevant postcode, and linking to a parent account.

The Accounts app is linked to Pulse jobs.


Our Zones app lets you group multiple postcodes and assign them to vendors, line items, and more. For companies that have a wide geographical reach, Zones is the perfect solution for managing the quality and accuracy of quotes and resource allocation.

The Zones app is linked to Pulse jobs.

How do I navigate between the applications?

All of the apps live in the App Drawer, which can be accessed by clicking the grid in the top left hand corner of Crunchwork:

From there, you can select whichever app you need

How do the apps interact with each other?

Crunchwork apps interact with each other in a variety of different ways and you can navigate through different parts of the system within a job or a project. See the table above for how each app is linked to each other!

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