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What are the different Project and Job Types? What are their differences?
What are the different Project and Job Types? What are their differences?
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Project types:

IAG Insurance claim

An IAG Insurance claim is designed for clients who've received an IAG claim. Insurance Australia Group have an integrated API called OPUS which requires a very specific workflow that is built into this project type.

Private Works

A Private works project would be selected for any projects or works requested from non businesses or Insurance companies - for example: a private residential job.


A Commercial project would usually be selected if your customer is a commercial business

Insurance claim

This project type would be selected for any projects or work requested from an Insurer

Job types:


An Assessment job is used to investigate and detail the cause of the damage that has occurred, as well as what repairs are required. The information gathered is provided to the Insurer to assist them in making an informed decision on the outcome of a customer’s claim.

Make Safe

An emergency Make Safe job is considered a temporary measure or “band aid” to ensure the risk of harm to people/pets is prevented and/or further damage to a property is minimised.


A Works job is considered the repair phase of a claim. Once a property has been assessed and the Insurer has approved your quote, you can commence scheduling trades to repair the damage.


A Tender job on an insurance claim is used when an insurer already knows the cause of damage, but would like a builder to provide the cost of repairs. Often a tender is used by an Insurer to decide which builder will be best to complete the repairs at a property.

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