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Enable the “Tender” option in the create menu on a Job

In your main organisation Tenant, at least 1 Job type must have Tender Setting set to “Create Requests & Submissions” or “Create Requests”

Set up a Job type to allow Tender Submission creation on “Allocate Vendors”

  1. In the “Vendor” Tenant, at least 1 Job type must have Tender Setting set to “Create Requests & Submissions” or “Create Submissions”

  2. Then, the Job type/s mentioned above, must be set up on a Vendor to allow Tender Submission creation

Any jobs with the values ‘Create Requests’; ‘Tender Requests and Submissions’ or ‘Create Submissions’ will have an additional tab added to the job page titled ‘Tenders’, from which you will be able to track statuses and other key information.

Tendering Flow

The below steps are the ideal end-to-end flow for users in both the Insurer and Builder role.

  1. Create a Project, a Job and a Quote in the Insurer Tenant.

  2. Publish the Quote.

  3. Create a Tender either from a Job (see preconditions) or from the Tenders extension. On the Tender, select the Project, Job and Quote from step 1.

  4. Publish the Tender.

  5. Allocate Vendors > Create External Job screen is displayed. Tender is preselected in Tender reference field.

  6. Select a Job type that is set up for Tender Submission’s (see preconditions). Select multiple Vendors to create multiple Submissions. Create Job. Parent Project will display with success toast “Vendors have been notified of job allocation”***

  7. View the Tender. Tender Information table will be displayed with all Submissions listed in a table.

  8. View Tender Submission. Tender Submission is displayed in a new tab, Vendor tenant is selected and Decline/Accept banner is displayed.

  9. Jump to > Job. External Job is displayed, Vendor tenant is selected and Decline/Accept banner is displayed. If a user Accepts the Job, the associated Tender Submission is Accepted and vice versa

  10. View and Accept a Tender Submission.

  11. Enter pricing and Publish the Tender Submission. Repeat for additional Tender Submissions.

  12. View the Tender in the Insurer Tenant. Comparison tab. Summary graphs with data for all Tender Submissions is displayed. Scroll to bottom. Tender Approval section is displayed. All Submissions are Published

  13. Click Award Tender on one of the Submissions. Review tab is displayed with details of selected Submission and anchored to the Line Items section.

  14. Use the Unapprove action to remove some line items. Select the Award button

  15. Tick ‘Create an External Job’ on the pop up modal. Confirm. Works job is created for the vendor (default to works job & the awarded vendor)

  16. “Published” quote with approved items only should be automatically generated and attached to the Works job

*** An External Job and Tender Submission have been created in the Vendor tenant for each Vendor selected on the Create External Job screen

Troubleshooting and FAQ's



After creating a tender from a quote, the ‘category’ is showing up blank against a line item. Why is that?

For a category to show up in dropdown in tender submission at least one catalogue combo/tender with that category needs to be shared across the specific tenant and team.

Check the line items ‘Sharing’ table (in Catalog).

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