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How do I export images from Pulse Attachments?
How do I export images from Pulse Attachments?

Exporting your attachments is easier than ever!

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Export images to PDF quickly and easily

You may need to quickly share many images from different stages of the claim lifecycle collected on a job or project.

Using Pulse you can collate the images into one PDF easily with the dropdown

'Export to PDF' button on the bulk actions of Pulse attachments. This allows you to multi-select images from all stages of the claim and export to a PDF.

User guide:

  • Select images in the attachments section of Pulse and utilize the ‘actions’ button to download a PDF of the selected images

  • Default setting on the outgoing PDF is to display 2 images per page

  • Toggle on/off description and summary of each image

  • Only .PNG and .JPEG files will export to the PDF (i.e. another PDF file cannot be included)

Configuration tips:

  • The PDF available for download is a pre-configured template that can be uploaded to Pulse via Template studio.

  • You may require assistance from our development team to ensure that the Template studio configuration is complete before attempting to use this tool.

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