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How do I check in to site?

Keep an audit trail of site attendees for WHS purposes.

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This tool was created for on-site users of Crunchwork, who need to log their attendance against jobs.

Finding a job with Geolocation

  • On Pulse mobile, hit the 'search' button to open the search filters

  • Select the button titled 'Search projects nearby' in the Pulse mobile search menu.

  • Using this button performs a search of Pulse jobs within a 500m radius of the user's physical location.

Checking into the job

  • Select a job from the list of location filtered results

  • After opening a job found via geolocation, Crunchwork sends an automatic 'Check in' log to the following areas:

    • Project and job timeline

    • The 'Job Attendance' dashboard.

  • 2 hours after check in, if no check out is recorded from that user for the job, Crunchwork sends an SMS to the user reminding them they need to check out.

    • A link will be provided to the job they need to check out from, so they can easily access the job again.

This is a great feature for on-site users, as it allows them a quick and easy way to find jobs and upload documents while on the go.


Q: What happens if I forget to check out from the site?

A: We will send you a reminder SMS after 2 hours if we have not recorded a check out. If you forget to check out and open another job using the location search, we will automatically check you out of the first job.

If you happen to try checking in to another site, we will automatically log you out of the previous job.


Q: I never received an SMS reminding me to check out. What happened?
A: Please ensure that your mobile number is provided for your user profile in Admin Portal. You can contact your administrator to confirm.

Q: There is no check in button available for my job.

Your organisation can enable the check in/out buttons for each job type, so the job you've opened may not be configured correctly. Please contact your administrator for more information or assistance.

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