In the top right corner of each quote, the 'Import/Export CSV" button sits.

Why is it important?

The new options give the user some options for how they wish to upload csv files into quotes.

How does it work?

Click on the Import/Export button, then choose one of the options provided in the menu. Each option has different behaviour for suiting different scenarios.



Update quote from csv

Replace the entire quote using the csv file.

Import line items

Add new items to the existing quote from a csv file.

Export csv

Exports the quote content to a csv file.

This means that you can quickly export quotes from Crunchwork and then re-upload into other quotes in Crunchwork if you like.

Tips for using the import/export feature

  1. Make sure you always upload a csv file that matches the correct format. You can download the format by choosing any option, then clicking 'Download Template'.

  2. Remember it must be a '.csv' format to work.

  3. You can consolidate many quotes into one by exporting all quotes from Crunchwork, then re-uploading via 'Import line items'.

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