Did you know that you can manage what company information prints on documents created within Crunchwork? You can achieve this using the Configuration App found in the side menu. The below will work not only for your own company, but also any external parties using Crunchwork in your private cloud

Before getting started

Add each User in the system to an appropriate Team via Admin Portal so that they have access to the correct Organisation Details. Signs of a user not being added to a Team correctly are inability to access assets for jobs you think they should be able to access.

Step 1: Open Configuration app and create a new organisation

Open the side menu by clicking on the grid in the top left of your page, then find the tile labelled 'Configuration'. Click on it to open the Configuration App and fill the information.

You will need to create an organisation for each company you require to be generating documents with logos and other business information.

Step 2: Applying the organisation details to your documents

On creating a financial document (invoice, purchase order, quote) the first available Organisation Details record found for the active user is used to populate the ‘From’ fields. An option exists above these fields in the UI to populate From fields using a different Organisation Details record if the first was incorrect.

Tips on using organisation details across the platform:

  • If a user does not have any Organisation Details available, you will experience an error. To resolve this, ensure that the user is in a Team that has been given access to one or more Organisation Details.

  • Users can set their Primary Organisation via User Preferences. This will replace the above mentioned behaviour where the first available Organisation Details record is used to populate financial document ‘From’ fields.

  • Organisation Details are not used for Pulse v1, Report Writer v1, or Virtual Assist.

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