Select the 'Summary' tab of your quote to view a visual breakdown of costs. Read on to learn about each section of the summary tab to get the most out of this feature.

Group Summary

Costs of each group on your quote are summarised on the left hand side of the page. Groups on your quote should be created based off location, or similar tasks required to be done together.

Category Summary

Each line item on your quote will have a 'category'. The summary page will show you the total of each category on the right hand side of the page. For example, the image below shows the builder and carpenter categories applied to two line items on a quote.

Extended Price

Toggle on and off the extended price button to see the costs of margin on your quote.

Total %

This column shows you the percentage contribution towards the total cost of the quote.

Comparing revisions

You can compare up to 6 revisions of the same quote! Just click the dropdown arrow next to the revision number of the quote.

Watch a quick video on the feature below

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