Crunchworks' in-app calendar and appointment creation/management system allows users to organize their site visits against their jobs. When enabled, this becomes a new app in the menu, and interacts with Pulse jobs and dashboards.

How can I create an appointment for a job?

Appointments are stored on the 'activities' tab of each job in Crunchwork.

  1. Open the Activities tab for your job, and select 'Create Appointment'.

  2. Select the appointment type,

  3. In the window provided, please fill the fields as required.

  4. Select 'Schedule' when ready.

  5. The appointment assignees will be notified by email.

Creating appointments without a job

You may also create appointments for Team members without being linked to a job.

  1. Open the Calendar app from the side menu and select 'Create New Appointment'.

  2. Choose an appointment type.

  3. Turn on 'Team Selection', then 'Edit Team Selection' to select the correct Teams.

  4. Fill the rest of the required fields, and select 'Schedule' when ready. The assignees will be notified by email.

Editing Appointments

You may edit an appointment if:

  • The appointment status is still in 'Booked' status.

You cannot edit an appointment when:

  • The appointment has been cancelled

  • The appointment has been completed (the current time is past the end time of the appointment).

  • The user does not have permission to edit/view full details of the appointment.

Cancelling an Appointment

  • Select the downwards arrow next to the 'Edit' button the appointment and choose 'Cancel' from the menu that appears.

  • You will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation.

  • When you cancel an appointment, the assignee will be notified via email, with the reason you provided for cancellation.

Appointment Statuses




The appointment has a set date in the future.


The current time is between the start and end of the appointment.


The current time has passed the start and end of the appointment.


Someone has cancelled the appointment.


You do not have the appropriate permission to view that appointment.

Tracking Appointments

As a user, there are a few ways you can keep track of appointments.

  • List view in the Calendar app. Use the filters on the left hand side of the page to find appointments based off key job criteria like zone, location, type, and team.

  • Dashboards. Each users dashboard has a dashlet dedicated to showing their appointments.

FAQ's & Troubleshooting

Q: I can't find the right people in the 'assigned to' section. Help!

Team members will be available in this section based off the Teams assigned to the project you are trying to create an appointment for. If you can't find the right people, please check with your manager that the appropriate Teams have been added to the project, and that the right team members are within that Team.

Q: I want to change the appointment status, can I do that?

You can only 'cancel' an appointment when it's in the 'Booked' status. The statuses will update automatically based off the start and end times.

Q: How can I customize my appointment types and statuses?

You can edit appointment colours, statuses, and types using the Calendar Admin page. This page is made available to authorized users only - please contact Codafication if you need assistance.

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