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How do I view what Tenants are available in the system?
How do I view what Tenants are available in the system?

Your Crunchwork cloud might need 'tenants' to support different groups of users. Learn about tenancy here.

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A tenant in Crunchwork is a dedicated space for users who all need to use the same configuration for their business objectives, or need to keep their information separate to other departments in the organisation.

Examples of tenant uses:

  • A tenant for each branch location of your company.

    • Eg, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne may all be a separate tenant in Crunchwork.

  • A tenant for each organisation in your supply chain.

    • Eg, Insurer and Builders

What does it look like?

In the top right corner next to your name, the tenant you're logged into will be displayed. If you have access to many tenants, you can switch by clicking on your name, then choosing from the list provided.

How can I store many builders in one tenancy, without them seeing each others data?

You will need to onboard each user for the builder and create a 'Team' via admin portal. Teams are a way to group users and their permissions, and additionally scope visibility for Teams per project.

When you add a Team to a project in Pulse, then that team and its members can access that project, where others will not.

You can learn more about Teams here.

Please contact Codafication at if you need assistance creating tenants.

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