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Testing an issue using a Mobile hotspot
Testing an issue using a Mobile hotspot

Help isolate network-related issues by testing a problem via a Mobile hotspot connection

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See below options for both iPhone and Android devices:

  • 1. Open the Settings app, then Cellular (sometimes visible as Mobile)

  • 2. Press on "Personal Hotspot", or "Set Up Personal Hotspot" if it's your first time doing so.

  • 3. On your affected device (i.e laptop, computer, etc), open your network settings and navigate to the WiFi options.

  • 4. Select your Hotspot from the WiFi network list, and enter your Hotspot password if prompted.

    • Note: you can set your Hotspot password on your mobile device in the Hotspot settings.

  • 5. Once your computer indicates it has connected successfully to your Hotspot, try to visit any generic website (eg. , to ensure the internet connectivity is working as expected.

  • 6. Once you confirm connectivity is good to go, you can try to replicate the issue you were having originally with our Platform.

  • Note: the above article may not apply to all Android devices as there can be some variation. For more support with this, please refer to your device's User Manual for specifics.


As a general rule, if the issue you were originally experiencing DOES NOT happen when connected to your Hotspot, there's something happening with your desired Network that is preventing or blocking a normal work flow. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Overcrowed/ overloaded internet connection

  • Poor signal strength

  • VPN-related connectivity issues

  • and more!

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