If you're a Quality Assurance officer, this is for you! Our QA Component allows you to find purchase orders relating to repair jobs, then transform these into reports, so that you can mark each line item as 'complete', 'incomplete', and make comments.

You can then use the QA Report as an artefact to store against the job for record keeping, or, use it as a document to help communicate issues with work performed.

What's the end-to-end process?

  1. Purchase orders are prepared with Catalog line items and sent to a vendor. These are linked to a Make Safe or Works job in Pulse.

  2. A quality assurance officer is tasked with reviewing the repair job and identifying if there is rework to be done.

  3. The QA officer will go to the works job, click “Perform QA” which will open a new page.

  4. This page allows the user to select purchase orders to convert into a QA report.

    1. Just select the purchase orders that are marked 'Sent', 'Pending Approval', or 'Pending Approval', then 'Generate Purchase Order'

    2. You can't select purchase orders in 'Draft' or 'Cancelled' statuses.

  5. Review each purchase order, and use the 'Create Report' button in the top right corner of each purchase order. This will take the user into report writer.

  6. The QA officer needs to mark ‘Complete’ or ‘Incomplete’ per line item. Each line item also needs to have a photo upload next to it.

  7. The report prints each photo on the PDF with the labels:
    a) Complete/Incomplete
    b) Description of line item
    c) Any notes the QA report writer gave.


  • If the 'Perform QA' button isn't available on the job you'd like to perform QA for, please let your manager know.

  • You can only perform a report for one purchase order at a time.

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